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Traffic Safety Plan and Map

1. Include written traffic plan below. (If you have a traffic plan brochure for parents, please include as well.)
School Hours: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM:

Students are not permitted to enter the building until 8:00 AM with the exception of before school activities. After 4:30 PM, students are not allowed to enter the building except for planned after-school activities.

Identification of parking spaces:

Staff have specific parking areas which are located at the front of the school in between the ACE Center at Highland Springs and HSHS and a the side of the school. These areas are reserved for faculty and staff only. The ACE Center has three visitor spaces to allow parents to drop off or pick-up their students. There are no parking spaces for students at the ACE Center at Highland Springs. All students are required to ride HCPS buses to the ACE Center. Parents may use the three visitor spaces if they need to drop off a student or pick one up for an early dismissal. There are signs directing parents to these two spaces.

Identification of main or single point drop off and pick up areas:

The ACE Center requires all students to ride HCPS buses from their home school to the ACE Center and from the ACE Center back to their home school. Students are not allowed to drive to the ACE Center. The only time parents drop off or pick up their child is for late arrivals or early dismissals. Parents use one of the three visitor parking spaces at the front of the ACE Center. There are signs directing parents to the ACE Center main entrance.

Identification of Bus Loop:

The buses enter the staff/student parking lot from Nine Mile Road on Tech Drive. There are one way signs directing traffic through the parking lot. We require all students to ride the HCPS buses and do not have parents dropping students off during bus arrivals or departures.
2. Insert your school’s traffic plan map below.