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Learn About ACE Centers

Are you interested in options when it comes to your education? The ACE Centers offer 30 program options to help you explore and plan for your future! In the ACE specialty centers, you can gain professional skills in an area of interest to you that will help you transition into a career and/or college with a 2-year concentration in your area of study.  Begin planning your career pathway today!

The ACE Centers currently have 13 dual enrollment courses that offer between 6 and 28 college credits.  Sixty-five nationally recognized certifications are available along with five Virginia State Licensures. Our students develop workplace readiness skills and have the opportunity to earn the Workplace Readiness Certification.

What can the ACE Centers offer you?

  • Content experts in the area of study as instructors
  • Develop Workplace Readiness Skills that prepare you for college and/or careers
  • Leadership opportunities through co-curricular student organizations
  • Job Shadowing and Internships
  • Application of concepts and skills learned in class
  • Opportunity to earn Virginia State Board Licensures and/or Industry Certifications
  • Opportunity to earn dual enrollment and AP weighted credit (1 weighted credit for dual enrolled classes)


Making a plan:

  • Using the online application, apply in 8th grade for the cluster area of your choice.
  • Meet with the ACE Center School Counselor and/or the ACE Center teacher throughout your Freshman and Sophomore years.
  • Attend events and programs related to your cluster area during Freshman and Sophomore years.
  • During Sophomore year, select the specific course that you want to attend at the ACE Center.
  • Spring and summer before Junior year, complete necessary placement testing for dual enrollment courses.
  • Enroll junior year in an ACE Center program. Students attend the ACE Center for a half day, every day during junior/senior years.  Core classes are taken at their zoned high school.


What are my options?

When you apply, you will select a “cluster” instead of a class.  The clusters are the underlined phrases.  Select a first choice cluster and a second choice cluster on the application. The symbols indicate:

*dual enrolled class

+ 1 year class

^ 2 year class

Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

  • Greenhouse Management+
  • Landscaping+

Architecture and Construction

  • Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Plumbing^
  • Carpentry^
  • Computer Aided Design*^
  • Electricity and Cabling^
  • Masonry^

Arts, Technology and Communication

  • Graphic Communications^
  • Radio Broadcasting and Journalism^
  • Web Development and Programming*^

Business Management and Administration

  • Legal Systems Administration+
  • Medical Systems Administration*+

Education and Training

  • Early Childhood Education and Services*^

Hospitality and Tourism

  • Culinary Arts*^
  • Hospitality, Tourism and Catering^

Health Science

  • Emergency Medical Technician*+
  • Nurse Aide*+
  • Pharmacy Technician*+
  • Practical Nursing+
  • Sports Medicine+
  • Veterinary Assistant^

Human Services

  • Barbering^
  • Cosmetology^

Information Technology

  • Computer Systems Technology*^

Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security

  • Criminal Justice*^


  • Precision Machine Technology^

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

  • High Tech Academy*^

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

  • Automotive Body Repair^
  • Automotive Technology*^
  • Diesel Technologies*^